Alaska-Yukon Moose 2013Tom,
Just wanted to let you know what an awesome hunt I had with you(2013).  My guide, Thomas, was great.  The very first morning of the hunt we saw two bull moose, a monster grizzly and a shooter black bear.  When a dense fog moved in and we were unable to hunt, we sat at camp and played cards all day.  Thomas made a bad day bearable and helped keep me motivated and my spirits up.  Thomas made sure that everything was in order.  Our camp was rustic, but we had everything we needed…a stove, plenty of food, dry tent and a cot to sleep on.  What else could a person ask for?  After all, it is Alaska and I think that roughing it is part of the Alaskan experience.  Later in the evening the fog began to lift and we ventured outside to glass the valley below and saw two bulls that Thomas guessed would have went 50-53 inches.  They were acting strange and staring in the alders below them….almost like they were afraid to move.  I wanted to take the bigger of the two bulls, but Thomas insisted that there were bigger bulls and that I would have an opportunity.  He also told me he thought there was a mature bull somewhere in the area based on the behavior of the smaller two submissive bulls.  About 30 minutes later, out walked a giant about 450 yds from where we were glassing.  Immediately Thomas began to call to the mature moose and the showdown was on.  One of the subordinate bulls broke away and started coming to Thomas’ calls.  The mature bull became jealous and started working our way as well.  To make a long story short, the mature bull came in to 32 yds and I let the 300 ultra mag roar.  I honestly think that if I wouldn’t have shot the mature bull, we would have seen one awesome fight.  I’ll never forget when the bull got to within 75 yds and Thomas said “Lemme know when you’re gonna shoot.”  My reply was “Trust me, you’ll know when I shoot.”  We will both laugh about that for years to come.  After some celebration, hugging, handshaking and cheering, we immediately began gutting, skinning, caping and quartering the meat.  I was extremely please with how Thomas handled my trophy.  He was meticulous with the cape and made sure that every ounce of meat was taken before we brought back the horns.  The moose was 63 inches wide and had 5 points on his front palms.  What a trophy!!!!  I am glad that I listened to Thomas.  He is a young man that is full of enthusiasm, loves to hunt and is willing to go the extra mile to help his hunter harvest.  When I come back for grizzly, I will certainly request Thomas as my guide.
I am thankful for an awesome adventure, a beautiful trophy Alaskan moose and memories of a hunt that I will always cherish.”

Most Respectfully,
Jesse Schowengerdt

2013-alaska-bear-huntThis was my second hunt with Alaska Trophy Hunts.  Tom Shankster and his crew are the best.  They work hard to find the game.  They take care of the meat and hide for you.  The guide I had on my (2013) Grizzly hunt made me feel like I was hunting with my best friend; I never had so much fun hunting.  I would book a hunt with them any time.”

John Williams, Kansas City, MO


Yukon Moose 2013Attached are a few pictures of the Yukon Moose I took while hunting in the Alaska Mountain Range.  My guide called him up and out of a swampy bottom about 500 yards away almost to the top of the ridge we were glassing from.  He stopped at about 120 yards and one shot through the shoulders with my 300 Ultra Mag put him down for good.”



jayporteralaskamoosehunt“I hunted with Tom Shankster of Alaska Trophy Hunts on August 10th of 2012 for Alaska Dall sheep and on September 10th for moose. Tom is a Master Guide and the safest pilot that I have flown with.

There were lots of sheep to look at and after three days of hunting I had a choice of two legal rams located by my guide Bob Graham. I harvested a great full curl ram at three hundred yards. Conditions were dry and windy at times.

I returned on September 10th for a moose. Once again Bob was my guide. On the first day of my hunt he called a moose in from nine hundred yards, then four hundred yards, then two hundred yards, and at sixty yards I harvested my sixty-eight inch trophy of a lifetime. What a hunt. Tom and Bob were the greatest and my whole experience and the scenery, I will never forget.”

Jay Porter, J-S Worldwide Hunting, LLC

caribou-hunt-alaska-trophy-huntsWe hunted with Tom last August (2012) and had an extremely good time and had great success.  We did a drop camp style hunt and Chris Nowak and I took two great, mature bulls.  We did film the hunt for an upcoming episode of Pure Hunting which will air on the Sportsman Channel starting in early July.”

Willi Schmidt, Pure Hunting


Sams Alaska Dall Sheep“Tom Shankster runs an excellent Dall sheep camp and is very mobile, enabling him to set up where the sheep are; making his success rate high.  Tom is an honest, laid-back man who works hard for his clients.  I recommend Tom very highly.”

Sam McCuin, The Outfitter TV Series



Dall Sheep Hunting“Hunting with Tom’s group was great.  The hunt was one of the most exhilarating I have ever been on.  The reward of harvesting a book ram is probably the most rewarding of any animal.  Tom helps you overcome all the challenges of hunting Alaska.  I will return and I recommend this and all his hunts to everyone of all ages.  I was 64 when I harvested my Ram.  I see a big moose on the horizon.”

Larry Kolek, Clovis, NM


Mark Thompson's Dall SheepI had a fantastic Dall sheep hunt with Tom Shankster and Alaska Trophy Hunts.  It was a challenging hunt that truly tested me.  Gorgeous country, exciting, and rewarding.  A true adventure, and without a doubt, the best hunting memory of my life.  Alaska is spectacular!”

Mark Thomson

* The story of Mark’s hunt was published in Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society magazine.  Read Mark’s story here.

Dall Sheep 2012Great hunt; Bob was outstanding as a guide.  The country we hunted was very easy to hunt.   Anyone who can walk a mile can hunt with AKHunts – I was 70 and had no problem walking up the hills for a sheep.”

Bill Burton


Arctic Cat Outdoors TV

Article:  North to Alaska: Dall Sheep Dreams , Women Hunters™